Hi there. 


I have no idea how I ended up here. 

I graduated as a Psych major, had a brief three-year stint as a Court Reporter, freelanced as a Social Media Specialist and somewhere along the way worked at a PR firm. Spoiler: I wasn't feeling it. 

I was on the straight path to a not-mid-life crisis when my boyfriend suggested I work as a Copywriter. I laughed and that was that. 


Fast-forward to today, I have experience creating content for clients in the financial, e-commerce, beauty, beverage, travel and hospitality industries (who's laughing now?). 

I'm passionate about online media, writing and all things "millennial". 


Other unrelated but equally as important skills include throwing people off with my sarcasm, abbreviating words that don't need abbreviating and stating my opinion in 140 characters or less. 

​If you’re looking for someone who can bring big (or small) ideas to life, write for different audiences, isn’t afraid to be bold and can wear many hats, let's connect. 


American Express


Elizabeth Arden


World Fuel Services 

Tio Gazpacho

Sweet'tauk Lemonade





Shoot My Travel

Cross Atlantic Solar


American Cancer Society 

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